WEEK IN MY LIFE: haircut, booty workout, preparing for Australia


Hi everyone! Welcome! This week in my life video is filled with running errands in order to prepare for Australia, a 7 inch haircut, a booty workout, a thunder and lightening storm and so much more! Please comment below some videos you guys would like to see whether it’s a packing video, clothing haul or anything fitness related! Thanks for watching! xoxo Makenna

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Hi guys! I’m Makenna and I am from Portland Oregon and welcome to my channel! I am currently a junior and I play softball at Linfield college in Oregon and I am going to study abroad in Australia! I officially depart July 13th and I decided to make a YouTube to be able to share my adventures with my friends and family and anyone else that wants to watch! I am planning on uploading lots of videos before I leave. I truly love filming and editing videos and it’s just something that I enjoying doing! Thank you for watching! Please comment like and subscribe!

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