Lift Weights Faster Exercise Demo: Kettlebell Rockers


Some coaching cues on how to do a Kettlebell Rockers…

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To start, place two kettlebells on the floor out in front of you, feet hip-width-distance apart. • Grip a handle in each hand with your butt high in the air and knees bent in an athletic stance. • Hike the kettlebells behind you to the outsides your legs, hinging at the hips and sinking into a partial squat as you do, and leaning forward with your torso. • Immediately reverse the movement, swinging both kettlebells forward and again sinking into a partial squat. • As the kettlebells swing out in front, stay back on your heels and lean your torso back slightly. • Repeat, developing a rocking pattern – as the kettlebells go forward, you lean back. When they swing back, you lean forward. Complete a partial squat to decelerate the kettlebell with each change of direction.

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