Grocery Haul & What Foods I Consume! Digestive Health & Intuitive Eating


Hi my beautiful friends! Come take a look at what foods I consume / my grocery haul video! I get asked often what foods I eat or what I follow… example: counting macros, a high fat keto diet, a paleo grain free diet, a bro ‘clean eating’ diet, a whole food plant based way of eating or a whole 30 diet & so on… to be completely honest with you guys, I notice when I limit myself to certain things or get in my head something like: “I’m following a paleo diet I can’t have white rice, that’s a grain” I’ll actually just drive myself more crazy because I think I ‘CANT’ have it… when really I love white rice and it actually works great for me and my body. THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION OUT THERE NOW A DAYS! You can’t follow what someone else does exactly because it honestly might not work for you. I always tell people this is just what I do and this is what works for me! Trial and error / figuring out what foods your body does better with is the way to go.. TRUST ME. I think it’s amazing that there is so much free information out there & knowledge from individuals but ultimately your the one living in your body and you know your body better then anyone else.. so listen to it! 🙌😉 I hope you guys enjoy this video and learn something new! Please don’t forget to like and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this in the future! Love you all so much!



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