Full Booty Workout Routine


my FULL workout:

– booty band side kicks
– booty band kick backs
– booty band wall sit + abduction
30 seconds per leg | repeat 3x

– booty band hip thrust + abduction (moderate weight): 10-12 reps | 2 sets
– booty band hip thrust (high weight): 10-12 reps | 2 sets
– superset: 1. abduction machine (low weight) 30 reps followed immediately by 2. abduction machine (high weight) 10 reps | 4 total supersets
– cable kickbacks + abduction (moderate weight) 12 reps | 4 sets *keep abduction throughout all your reps to target side booty
– superset: 1. cable squats (high weight) 10-12 reps followed immediately by 2. cable deadlifts (moderate weight) 10-12 reps | 4 total supersets
*squeeze your glutes HARD at the top for both of these exercises

go at your own pace! get the moves and form down before you go crazy heavy, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself & use those weights! that’s how your booty will GROW!

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