10 Minute AB WORKOUT At Home: LIVE on INSTAGRAM April 14, 2018


Let’s get ready for summer! Let’s workout together!

This is a LIVE Instagram Workout from April 14, 2018.


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IG: @evadivafit
YouTube: Eva Diva Fit
Twitter: Eva Goetze

Workout Details:
Complete each of the following for the allotted time, depending on fitness level.
Beginner 30 seconds (or 10-12 reps)
Advance 45+ seconds (20+ reps)

1. Bird dog
2. Repeat bird dog for opposite side
3. Plank Around The World (Tap each side front, front, back, back)
4. Plank Around The World (Change direction)
5. Straight Knee
6. Star Toe Touch
7. Side Plank + Knee Crunch (Knee to Elbow)
8. Side Plank + Knee Crunch (Opposite side)
9. Toe Touch Crunch w/ Straight Leg (Choice: use a weight)
10. Russian Twists (Choice: use a weight, keep feet down if beginner) = If this strains your lower back, I highly recommend just doing crunches here.
11. Ushers (Keep those feet low)

All my music is from Epidemicsound.com

Eva’s Story:
Welcome to Eva Diva Fit. Eva grew up in Monterey County, California, participating in sports and attended aerobics classes with her parents (yes, her awesome dad too!). From 15 years-on, she grew a love for lifting weights and feeling strong. In 2016, Eva almost died. Spending nearly three weeks in the ICU, she overcame what doctors found was the “forgotten disease.” She had an inflamed clot in her neck, specifically in her jugular vein suppurative thrombophlebitis. Doctors found it was Lemierre’s Syndrome, a rare life-threatening infection that infects less than .8 out of a million people each year. Her left lung collapsed due to the bacteria, and she needed surgery. In 3 weeks, she lost about 23 lbs. She thanks fitness for her strong mindset and healthy foundation. “Fitness saved my life. Thank goodness I was healthy before. Without that foundation, I may have died.” After the hospital, Eva re-trained herself how to walk. Little by little, she increased her strength from wall push-ups to one-legged ones. She still practices daily breathing diaphragm exercises because her left lung is “lucky” (her words).

With weekly videos hosted by Eva Diva Fit and her friends, she strives to teach you how to make fitness fun, speedy, and efficient. Still a teacher at heart, her goal for each video is to be both enjoyable and educational. “Every day isn’t complete unless we’ve learned something different from the day before.”

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