For spiralized veggies or just plain old pasta, these are the healthiest (and unhealthiest) premade toppers.

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EAT THIS: Lidia Bastianich’s tomato basil sauce

Bastianich’s sauce uses honey, and tastes like it’s been simmering on the stove, not sitting in the pantry.

SKIP THIS: Prego Italian sauce, tomato basil garlic

Prego’s added sugar would make any nonna scowl.

EAT THIS: Buitoni pesto with basil

The best pesto is mostly basil, not spinach; pine/walnuts, not cashews; olive, not sunflower oil; and parmesan/pecorino. Buitoni pesto (in the cold case) is the next best thing to homemade.

SKIP THIS: Barilla traditional basil pesto

Like we said, you don’t want to eat a pesto sauce that’s more spinach than basil.

EAT THIS: Annie Chun’s teriyaki sauce

Annie Chun’s contains less of the healthier cane syrup and has a velvety texture and light, tangy taste.

SKIP THIS: Kikkoman teriyaki marinade and sauce

Why reach for a product with high-fructose corn syrup—Kikkoman’s third ingredient?

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