Ever wonder how Sofia Vergara keeps her booty in check? As it turns out, Sofia is just one celeb who relies on Julio to sculpt her backside. You could even say he’s developed somewhat of a specialty training svelte-but-curvy female bods via his unique weightlifting ways.

Step 1: Start standing on a slightly bent left leg. Hold a weight in your right hand.

Step 2: Bend forward, keeping your back straight and core engaged, and reach the weight straight down toward the floor. At the same time, keep your right leg straight and send it back until your right leg and arm are parallel to the ground.

Step 3: Return to the starting position, keeping your weight still in your left leg.

Step 4: Once you tap your toe lightly, send the same leg back into a reverse lunge.

Step 5: Return to the starting position and repeat 9-11 times on one side.

Step 6: Switch and repeat on the opposite side for three to four sets, each side.

“You can do this one standing without the bench, but that will work your quads. With the bench, your quads are rested, so it hits the booty more,” he explained.

Step 1: Start in a neutral flat back on the bench, with your hands placed on the corners and keep your core engaged.

Step 2: With an ankle strap attached to your ankle, perform a knee tuck by pulling your knee in to touch your elbow.

Step 3: Release and kick your leg up as high as you can with a pointed toe.

Step 4: Keeping the knee locked, drive the leg down along the side of the bench, stopping at hip level.

Step 5: Kick your leg back up to the straight and raised position behind you.

Step 6: Return to a knee tuck and repeat this sequence 15 times for four sets on each leg.

“This is the one that works your ass the most,” assured the pro. Just make sure you pad the bar either with a covering or wrap it with a towel to cushion your hips!

Step 1: Position a weight bench parallel to a Smith machine (shown above) and lower the weight bar to match the height of the bench. Place a step box under your feet area.

Step 2: Lay with your shoulder blades on the bench and your hip bones touching the bar.

Step 3: Place your feet wider than hip distance apart on the box, placing the weight in your heels.

Step 4: Release the bar and dip down as low as you can.

Step 5: Thrust your hip upward squeezing your booty as you fight gravity.

Step 6: Lower again and repeat 10 times for four sets.

“The thing with squats is that it’s a compound movement so it works out your whole body, not just your booty,” he shared. Pro tip: Instead of squaring off your feet right under your hips, angle your toes out just a little. “That will engage your butt even more,” said Julio.

Step 1: Place a short step stool under your booty and place a weight bar centered across your neck.

Step 2: Stand slightly larger than hip distance apart and angle your toes out slightly.

Step 3: Sit down toward the stool and lightly tap it.

Step 4: Rise back to standing squeezing your booty as you come up.

Step 5: Repeat 15 times for four sets.

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“All together this is one booty-focused routine, but I suggest doing butt and leg work twice a week, giving yourself rest days in between and then mixing up the order of the specific exercises to confuse your muscles,” noted the pro.

Is it just us or is your backside looking more fit already?